ant $250.00 for sending one simple email?

Send us an email with your apartment or condo property managers contact info and we’ll do the rest.  Be sure to tell your Condo Board as well! When we add our lockers to your building you immediately earn $250!

Click and send your building contact today!

We’re open ALL day & night for you to drop-off dirty and pick up your cleaned clothes! We’re Toronto’s ONLY 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week, eco-friendly dry cleaner, local laundromat, and shoe repair expert rolled into one! And we go one step further, we can come to YOU!

Whether it’s at your office, your condominium, or apartment our lockers make your life a whole lot easier by offering ridiculously convenient services such as…

check mark PRICESFREE SIGN-UP – Great Prices, No line-ups, commitments, or hassles!

check mark 24/7 drop-off & pick-up at KIOSKS / PUBLIC LOCATIONS

check mark Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning – good for your body and our community

check mark Perfectly cleaned laundry with our Wash & Fold service

check mark Reinvigorated footwear with our special Shoe Therapy & Repair

check mark FREE reusable & eco-friendly garment & laundry bags

check mark Convenient Drop-off and pick-up in your condo, office, or public kiosk

check mark Concierge ClosetTM digital online closet of your dry cleaned garments

check mark Order tracking notifications

check mark Fastdependableprofessional service

check mark SECURE order processing through VERIFIED PayPal system

Let’s face it, if you wanted to repair shoes, you would have become a cobbler and named your first born Pinocchio. You can’t dry clean at home so why do your own laundry if you aren’t opening your own Laundromat?

Let US do the dirty work! Wash & Fold your dirty laundry. Dry Clean your finest duds. Shoe Therapy and repair for those looking to give some old fashioned loving back to their soles souls. All you do is sign up for FREE, drop off your clothing in our secure lockers and notify us through your online account or a quick text.


It’s That Simple!

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