Imagine this World of The Future. You place your dirty clothes in a magical waterless box, use a futuristic device to send a message for pickup, and as quick as you can say Alakazam! Your laundry is returned beautifully pressed and folded.

That’s right, we said FOLDED folks!

No more buying laundry soap, bleach, dryer sheets, thinking “am I paying for electricity at peak times”, cleaning the lint basket, carrying the laundry hamper from one room to another, rewashing wet clothes you left too long! In OUR future, these are all things of the past!

Choose how you like it done – fast, slow, with or without fabric softener, there are a number of preference options that can fulfill your laundry dreams.

No, you’re not dreaming. Say goodbye to your laundry oppression and say hello to FREE time for patio BBQ’s, ski vacations, friends & family, and good old fashioned fun with Toronto’s Laundry Concierge.

We know what you’re saying. W-T-F? We agree! Where’s The Free-time? Well, it’s right here waiting for you, when you use Laundry Concierge.