Imagine having a service on your property that instantly helps make it more attractive to current and prospective owners & tenants, more lucrative than ever before – imagine ZERO vacancy rate!

With Laundry Concierge property managers and owners are able to offer condo boards & HOA’s the ability to cut down on building electrical & water consumption as well as reduced infrastructure maintenance. Reduce the consumption of all these services and make a greener community!

It’s all possible with Toronto’s premiere and ONLY choice for 24/7 service of your clients’ dry cleaning, wash & fold laundry, and shoe-repair. Our service is ideally suited for office towers, condominiums, apartments, fitness centers, underground parking garages and any other type of commercial property. Best of all it does not require any supervision by property managers or building security and is entirely self-contained.  It is even self-powered in case the building loses electricity!

Put Laundry Concierge lockers into your buildings or managed properties, increase the building value per square foot, retain building management contracts longer, and allow your clients to enjoy the exclusive benefits that come with our ridiculously convenient services.

 FREE account with No Commitments & No Obligations

24/7 drop-off & pick-up only available through Laundry Concierge

Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning – good for your body and our community

Perfectly cleaned laundry with our Wash & Fold service

Reinvigorated footwear with our special Shoe Therapy & Repair

FREE reusable & eco-friendly garment & laundry bags

Convenient Drop-off and pick-up in your condo, office, or public kiosk

Concierge ClosetTM digital online closet of your dry cleaned garments

Order tracking notifications

Fastdependableprofessional service

SECURE order processing through VERIFIED PayPal system


Laundry Concierge is here to help you provide the exclusive services your residents are requesting and deserve. Request Laundry Concierge demonstrate how property managers will benefit and how clients can take advantage of all the convenient 24 hour-a-day services available! Email us at