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Drop off your clothes in any available locker at your condo, with your front desk, one of our 24/7 public Laundry Concierge kiosks, or any of our other many locations.  We have great “how-to-use” instructions at all our locations, so not to worry.





Enter any four-digit code and turn the handle to lock your locker.
Now text us at 647-361-6361 stating the service type you require and the locker number you claimed, such as dry clean 323 or login to your online account and get it done there.

Have special instructions? After we confirm your text order, text back “NOTES” along with your request. There’s also a notes box when online ordering. This Concierge has you covered




You pick up your order at your convenience, anytime, day or night, and even forward the alert to a friend and they can pick it up for you.






Think Clean!