When it comes to laundry, dry cleaning, and shoe therapy – we’ve got the goods. We’re not just talking about our fast & dependable service, simple drop-off & pick-up, or being open 24-7. We’re talking about the good things in life you can now enjoy thanks to Laundry Concierge. Stay late after dinner, catch up on that TV series you love, get together with friends, work late? Whatever it is you’d like to do, it’s possible now that we’re on the Toronto dry cleaning scene.

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  • Perfectly cleaned laundry with our Wash & Fold service
  • Reinvigorated footwear with our special Shoe Therapy & Repair
  • FREE reusable & eco-friendly garment & laundry bags
  • Convenient Drop-off and pick-up in your condo, office, or public kioskConcierge ClosetTM digital online closet of your dry cleaned garments
  • Order tracking notificationsFastdependableprofessional service
  • SECURE order processing through VERIFIED PayPal system