Want $250.00 for sending one simple email?

Send us an email with your apartment or condo property managers contact info and we’ll do the rest.  Be sure to tell your Condo Board as well! When we add our lockers to your building you immediately earn $250!

Click lockers@Laundry-Concierge.com and send your building contact today!


It’s always great to hear from old friends and new clients. Send us an email, call us, or text us for a pick-up and we’ll reply, lickity-split!


EMAIL 24/7

info@Laundry-Concierge.com – general service inquiries

sales@Laundry-Concierge.com – sales inquiries

propertymanagers@Laundry-Concierge.com – property managers only

orders@Laundry-Concierge.com – request order pick-up (if no access to online account)

PLACE ORDER BY TEXT 24/7 -place your order 24/7 by texting us the locker # (e.g. “123”) to (647) 361-6361

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Yes ma’am! Talk to Us at (647) LAUNDRY (528-6379)